Turn around for a small girl.

I was a little late to the office this morning, because I decided to turn around and attempt one small act for one small girl. Her dark, beaded braids swung left and right as her little arm pointed first one direction and then the other way. This slight, perhaps six-year-old appeared to be giving directions to a middle-aged man who talked to her through his open passenger side window. He had stopped his pick-up next to her as she walked to school on a busy, major street. As I drove by I thought, “Why does that grown man, who does NOT look like a relative, need directions from that adorable tiny girl? I’ve heard of this before on the news AFTER an evil man snatched a child in broad daylight and no one intervened. I’m going back!”

I turned around, in my big white car that looks quite like a police car, and drove back to the two. As I parked nearby, the heavy-set, balding man looked at me and drove away. The little girl hitched up her jeans and walked on toward school, not a care in the world, braids swinging like chimes in time with her little gait.

Did turning around matter? Did this man know the girl? Was all of this an innocent incident, or did he abort his evil mission because someone stopped to watch him? We’ll never know, but I do know that I did one small thing today that may have prevented harm to a child.

“See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven” Jesus, Matthew 18:10 (NIV).


2 responses to “Turn around for a small girl.

  1. Thank you for this reminder of the power of presence combined with paying attention. Lessons for us all.

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