Little Lost Girl

A precious daughter bore her own daughter while heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol. So began the story of the little lost girl (LLG). While a toddler, a man with LLG’s mother attempted to murder her mother in a deserted orchard under cover of night, but neighbors heard the mother’s cries. They called the police. As the enraged, drug-hyped man heard approaching sirens, he threw LLG’s mother into the car and sped downhill. An oncoming vehicle t-boned the little car as the dirt road intersected the main highway. Miraculously LLG survived, protected by her car seat. Her mother suffered life-threatening injuries. The man went to jail. Nurses in ICU treated the mother with adequate care, but I also saw looks of contempt because they detested the destructive wake of drugs and alcohol, especially when it affected such a tiny, innocent child. One day I watched as LLG stared long and hard at the picture of an old man thanking God for his meager meal. It was a small meal, just a loaf of bread and bowl of porridge, reading glasses folded atop a big Bible. Maybe you’ve seen the picture. She and I talked about the man praying. LLG currently lived in a Christian foster home where she had come to love Jesus. For her fourth birthday, I gave LLG a smaller framed picture like ours. Her foster mom hung it at the head of her bed. I could not take LLG in as my foster child at the time. All I could do was give her one little picture to remind her that God loves to hear His children talk to Him. It was a very small act, for a small girl who…surprise, surprise…is lost no longer. More on that later.


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