Do you remember LLG?

Over the years, LLG’s Great-grandmother has allowed God to conform her to the image of Jesus through many, many difficult life circumstances. She qualifies as one of the quiet saints who goes about doing what pleases Jesus. She did one small thing each day since LLG disappeared. She prayed for LLG, not knowing where she was, what she was experiencing, or what had happened to her. None of us did. Now we know that LLG bounced in and out of foster care until her mother finally lost parental rights and descended fully into the pit of addiction, brain damage and its accompanying horrors. The court awarded custody to LLG’s father, but none of the extended family knew this father. LLG became lost in what was then the black hole of the state system. (In all fairness, the state has since implemented many positive changes.)

Unbeknownst to the extended family, LLG’s returned to the Foster Care system after only a few years. LLG now seemed more lost than ever to her extended family. About a year before this, a single mother responded to a dream wherein God asked her to become a foster mom. How absurd! She had four children of her own in a very small house, but she began the required training, regardless. Can you guess who her first and only foster child for over two years has been? Yes, God brought LLG, who had suffered much in that home to this foster mom who loves Jesus and loves LLG. God gave this mom what she needed…a brand new house, for the same amount of rent she had been paying on the too-small home. She finished her foster training at about the same time God gave her the new house…and LLG. How like God to orchestrate the timing! It was my joy to attend an afternoon birthady party with LLG and her foster mom.

You gotta love all God did, because I met a bright, talkative, sliding in the snow, climbing trees, now 12-year-old who plays clarinet in her school band. For her birthday she received albums with pictures of herself as a young child, her mother at various stages of her life, a camera to make her own memories, a Bible, some shiny bobbles, many other gifts and pictures of some relatives who now know that God has placed her in a loving home.

LLG’s Great-grandma’s quiet prayer life challenged mine, once again. She put into practice the very short instruction Paul wrote, “Pray continually” 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (NIV).


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