A bunch of small acts today…

Blog 6

Today I did lots of small acts along with two other ladies: we played catch with big squishy balls, pushed a ride-on Thomas the Train for maybe miles, helped little riders on and off a big traditional rocking horse on springs, hooked together a BUNCH of train cars and said “choo-choo” until voices gave out, sang Happy Birthday to a two-year-old at least four times in one hour, doled out massive amounts of Cheerios, rocked crying babies and found a lost binkie. Yes, for the first two Sundays of each month, I do nursery duty at church so moms and dads can attend their own classes. It’s a small thing, plus I like to play. Still, I think it matters that moms and dads can study with their peers, while knowing their child is safe and happy. Now, I’ve put my feet up in those soft pink slippers…ahh!

This helps…to write about the small things that pass by as normal, unnoticed, unspoken. I’m liking this blog! Thank you, Wendy.


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