He held my tongue.

I remember a time when I knew that the Holy Spirit held my tongue. (I’ve noticed that in almost every picture of me, my mouth is open so this is an important point to make.) Today I will write about the small act of kindness The Holy Spirit did for someone I love. What a week of preparation! All that week we had prepared for the big trip to the coast, celebraing two family birthdays and Father’s Day. We chose and wrapped presents.  We talked about it again at dinner that specific night, too, after buying groceries to add to the hamburger and salmon for the barbeque. Yum.The picnic area awaited, all rented on a little lake to put in the boat. Many guest expected to enjoy fishing, barbequing burgers and salmon and finally making smores. My sweet sister bought the birthday cake. Oh, what a time we would have with probably 20 people or so in attendance! The whole week had focused on preparations of one kind or another. 

At 7:15 p.m on the night before we left I walked in to the room of the one I love, once again enjoying that huge smile whenever she watches one of her favorite TV shows, totally engrossed, snug in that cozy little sitting room. I asked, “Do you have your bag packed?” A blank look showed that I had not gotten through, so I added, “…we’re leaving in the morning for the big party at the coast.”

The Holy Spirit pinched my tongue. I’m quite sure I felt Him clamp my lips shut, too, and soften the muscles in my face. No unkind retort came from my lips when the unexpected accusation hurled back in my face, and quite loudly, too: “Nobody told MEEE!” (Understand, now, that she had big headphones on so her TV volume could stay low for the rest of the household. Everyone talks too loudly when wearing headphones.) Without the Holy Spirit’s act of kindness I would likely have opened my mouth to correct that assertion by pointing out LOTS of reasons why I had not neglected to let her in on the big event.

Instead He filled my mouth with simple words. “Well, let’s pack a bag so you’ll have what you need,” came out of my mouth albeit set in a slightly bemused face. My natural reaction to point at her wrapped gift nearby, begin a litany of statements beginning with “don’t you remember…” would have been a natural, human response. But, no. That would have resulted in unnecessary tears from her…a knowing that her brain is not doing well. God loves her through me when I allow Him. She tuly doesn’t remember, she hasn’t a malicious bone in her body, and she’s one of the most remarkable women I’ve ever known. God knows what she needs.

I want to publically thank God for answering my prayer in the postive when I asked God, like David asked, “Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips” Psalm 141:3, (NIV).


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