It hurts to know.

Just a simple cold or relatively small illness can adversely affect the cognitive skills of a person with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). I don’t know if this account for all of the recent changes we have seen, but the doctor says it can. I will never forget the look on my daughter’s face when the one I love turned to her and asked, But how did you get here in the first place? The look of shock…awe…unbelief…the speechlessness has indellibly burned into my mind’s eye. Only the day before, the two had ridden in the back seat of our car for the two-hour ride to the beach.

My mind is not working right, she says. She knows she is right. It hurts to know. I try lessening the pain by matter-of-factly stating, Oh, that large gift bag went almost to the ceiling between the two of you on the ride over. No tears came with that seemingly statisfactory answer.

“An honest answer is like is like a kiss on the lips” Proverbs 24:26, (NIV). Muah!


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