Tiny bobbles, pretty beads and tears of gratefulness…

By week’s end, LLG will begin a new “found” era of her life. She will move under the tender loving care of one of her elder cousins and her husband with their small child. She’ll have a room of her own with lots of blue (her favorite color), pets, a new school and plenty of family.

This weekend I saw a sign and stopped at a garage sale. Have those signs ever called to you on a summer day? One box held two anklets and a bracelet made of shiny blues, silvers and crystal clear beads…not high fashion, but oh, so pretty. The lady let me have them for a quarter. Last weekend I found some similar pretties and a blue t-shirt. I put them away, too, for LLG.

LLG saw a picture of the pretty little bobbles and beads. Tears welled up, nearly spilling over her eyelids as she asked her elder cousin, “Why did she buy those for me?” Her cousin answered, “Because she loves  you, of course. You are family and we are all very glad to have found you again.”

Granted, all of LLG’s problems and years of neglect cannot be wiped away with tiny bobbles, pretty beads and all things blue. Still, small acts of thoughtfulness, kindness and attention to detail can start all of us down a new road…together. It makes me think of the time Jesus said,

“Whoever receives one of these little children in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me, receives not Me but Him who sent Me” Mark 9:37, (NKJV).


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