Mobiles4Missions–Going Green!

What can you do with just one old cell phones? In a multi-generational effort between the youth group, one computer-savvy grandmother and all the rest of the congregation, a partner church spent the month of September collecting unused cell phones. They ended up with over 75 phones…maybe 80! Some have chargers and other don’t–no matter. When boxed and shipped to Wycliffe’s Mobiles4Missions address, the proceeds will add to the church’s financial partnership with Jim and me. How cool is that?

If your workplace or church would like to go green with unused cell phones instead of throwing them in the garbage (not recommended), go to the page below for instructions and fliers explaining the program, gather at least 25 cell phones, fill out the paperwork and send them in with our name and account number (221845): 

Your one small act, along with your co-workers and friends’ small acts will add up! We thank you, the earth thanks you and the Bibleless people of the world thank you.


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