November 12: 174 less

On November 2009, 2252 people groups still waited for God’s Word to be translated into their heart language. I thank God that by November 2010, only 2078 people groups wait. That’s a difference of 174 in just one year.  REJOICE!

You and I are experiencing the greatest acceleration of the pace of Bible translation in history! By next year, expect to see a “1” at the beginning of that number. The snowball rolls faster with each leap in technology
(like the Greek project Jim coordinates and MANY others), partnering with other organizations, more mother-tongue translation teams, more efficient means of working and of course PRAYER!

Vision 2025—to see a Bible translation program in progress in every language still needing one by 2025—truly lies within this generation’s reach! When I count blessings, I’ll have to count this one more than once.


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