One small book

Jim and I drove to Newburg again today to visit with his dad in the Alzheimer Care Facility. Today Father Bill did not cry, but seemed at peace, even placid and content. We took a short walk together, legs holding him up well with the walker, but feet not wanting to cooperate.

I made Father Bill a memory book on a web site where anyone can publish books. Each page has one picture of a close family member, or of him with a close family member. A brief statement at the bottom tells the name and relationship of the people. His chin only quavered at one picture. Reading did not seem to compute. The small motor skills required to turn pages presented a significant challenge today. Perhaps on days of greater clarity, the little book will bring him bits of joy, remembering times together. You can read the book if you like at Photo Book from Dorothea Lander.

We left when the Hawaiin luau began with music, flower leis around everyone’s necks, tea and sugar cookies. The staff interact with everyone cheerfully and provide such excellent care. This time Father Bill did not mind that we left.


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