For my Savior Knows my Name…

Fierce emotions encircle your name, my name, everyone’s name. We learn our names even before we realize that learning exists. Makes me smile every time I hear Selah sing the line, “And I will not be ashamed, for my Savior knows my name…” 

Today Jim’s father called him by name! For many months he has not recognized him or has addressed Jim as if he were his brother-in-law Alvin, brother Harold or old friend, Jack, all long passed into eternity. Jim’s father could even answer two or three “yes/no” questions. A few more roadmaps in his mind seemed to connect today. These remarkable moments of clarity passed quickly. Regardless, father and son enjoyed a cup of coffee together as two sons of the King. 

Some adult children cry, feel rejected, abandoned, even heart-broken when a parent no longer recongizes them. Jim has never experienced those emotions. He says he doesn’t take it personally. Strokes and Alzheimer’s Disease cause physical changes in the brain. Knowing so many things simply elude his dad now.

Personally, I wonder if this not being known stings less because Jim’s Savior knows his name. When an earthly parent no longer knows me, will I feel satisfied that my Heavenly Fathers forever does? I ought to. After all, Jesus said to His disciples, “..rejoice that your names are written in heaven”  (Luke 10:20, NIV). Learning while living here… 

Bill and Jim Lander


2 responses to “For my Savior Knows my Name…

  1. What a beautiful post!

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