Free Children’s Ministry Resources

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Another new, free lesson–did you miss it for Valentine’s Day? If so, save it up for next year or make origami cards anytime and use the powerful story of the Hdi people finding a new way to love under Holiday Lessons, Three Ways to Love in Hdi at

Look–a new, free lesson from “God’s Power Unleashed in the Himalayas,” for use with your children in Sunday School, home school, Christian school, and Children’s Church. It accompanies the new coloring and/or read-to-me book “Angel Tracks in the Snow” available at Exciting true life events even built up my faith and trust in God’s mighty power!

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October 2012

SCRIPTURE POSTER PROJECT – We have added a fourth Ugandan language—Gungu—to this popular service-learning curriculum. “Uganda Says Thank You,” a new lesson with a PowerPoint slide show illustrates how God is using the posters your children have sent. The folks in Uganda tell us that they’ve received over a thousand colorful posters so far. The contact person who receives the posters has changed, so be sure to download the latest copy of the curriculum with the correct mailing address from the “Send the Word–Part A” document of the Uganda Scripture Poster Project lessons at the bottom of the page on Bob Creson, President of Wycliffe Bible Translators, recently shared how God used some of those Scripture posters in the Bwisi language to convince a teacher that even her young students could learn to read Bwisi. Intrigued? We’ll be happy to send you a copy of the entire story as an attachment. Just write to with “Bob’s letter” on the subject line.


November 2012

(graphics courtesy of DiscipleLand, a division of Through the Bible Publisher)

STEPS TO BIBLE TRANSLATION – This popular 12-lesson curriculum now corresponds with the latest version of DiscipleLand’s My Volcano Adventure, as well as Wycliffe’s Road to Transformation found at We’ve created fun, new activities and gathered all the related resources on DiscipleLand’s website. So, please dispose of any previous versions you might have, and replace them with the one you find at You’ll be glad you did.


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