Homestead & Gardening

I love my layer’s organic eggs! Our son, Will, built us an A-frame chicken tractor that we can move all over the property so that the hens can eat fresh grass, bugs, and slugs–they love slugs. 🙂 We feed them organic layer hens pellets to supplement their diet along with oyster shells. When they do get out to run and flap their wings, we laugh at their antics. It doesn’t take much to entertain–just a big beetle caught by one hen and then the pursuit and jostling begins. Screeching, grabbing, bobbing, and weaving brings us good, hearty belly laughs. And the eggs, oh the eggs! They are orange yolked, firm, and even meaty–so much better than store bought eggs. Three hens feed our little household of four adequately. Yes, I do love my hens and thanks, Will, for building the chicken tractor!







Deer run away from Contech’s Scarecrow, a motion-activated sprinkler–hurray! Finally, they’ve stopped nibbling the tops of our raspberry vines and everything else in my little 1,000 sq ft garden. I am SO HAPPY! I don’t even care that I get sprayed once in a while, especially today with our heat adivisory. 🙂 If you have deer problems, this thing works so you can stop spraying egg mixture, or other deer repellant that never work–no high fences to build either! Can you tell I’m a happy gardener?


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