Ministry Partnership Ops

Partnership in ministry isn’t just about finances and praying. It has many faces. The purpose of this page is to talk about the many facets of partnership in the task of Bible translation.

Our most recent ministry budget report shows a yellow triangle, instead of the dreaded red diamond of last quarter’s report. This means only “caution” instead of “danger!” Thank you for praying and for those of you who started giving or increased your giving to Wycliffe. We would still LOVE to see a green stone beside our ministry budget report. Please keep praying that God will bring us up to the level Wycliffe wants us to raise. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills!

If you would like to partner with us in the task of Bible translation, you may receive a tax-deductible receipt by sending financial gifts to Wycliffe Bible Translators, PO Box 628200, Orlando FL 32862-8200, or calling 1-(800) WYCLIFFE, 1-(800) 992-5433. You can even set up a tax-deductible electronic funds transfer to Wycliffe directly through your bank. If you would like to partner with us and help remove that red diamond by my name in the system, you may include a separate note suggesting a preference that it be directed toward the ministry of Jim and Dorothea Lander (221845). Online giving is also now possible at by typing in one of our names.

As always, we look to God to meet the needs of Bible translation in His way, by His children, in His time.

||Ministry bonds||
To partner in ministry brings unique bonds and friendships that grow out of shared goals.  Partnerships, instead of just support, reflects the way God relates to each of us. Jim and I love to pray for those of you on our partnership team, to share the everyday parts of your lives as brothers and sisters in the Lord. What a great gift you give when your partnership includes not only funds and prayer, but friendship, too!

Jim and I are “live online,” so that you can find us when you type our names into the Wycliffe web site. You’ll find an official INVITATION TO PARTNERSHIP on Wycliffe’s website offering ways for you to respond to that invitation. You may choose a one-time or ongoing partnership through prayer, advocacy, sharing resources, etc, at

This aspect of partnership eludes measurable outcomes, but we are convinced that God answers when you pray for us and when we pray for you. Prayer undergirds every other aspect of our partnership in ministry to the Bibleless peoples of the world. As guides to prayer, you can use several resources like…
+ what you read on this blog and our facebook pages
+ prayer requests and praises in our periodic newsletters and email updates
+ the blog page called “Praying Together”
+ Scripture that gives guidelines for how to pray for one another
Again, we LOVE when our prayer partners share their challenges and praises with us. It makes us smile to pray for you all, too!

Part of our job description is to raise finances for Bible translation. Out of these funds, and those that every other Wycliffe member raises, Wycliffe pays our salary. We never know what will come in from month to month. It varies. Out of those finances, Wycliffe also covers the administrative costs of the organization, sends money to translation projects overseas and pays some employee salaries. Lately God has promoted quite a few of our financial partners to heaven. We rejoice with them, but now have to get busy finding new financial partners, while we remain engaged in the task. To see a Bible translation project begun in every language still needing one by 2025 requires a very big team! If you would like to become a financial partner, you can do so in these ways:

+ send a check (payable to Wycliffe Bible Translators) to Wycliffe [Wycliffe, PO Box 628200,  Orlando, FL 32862-8200]. On a separate note you can indicate your preference that it go to the account of Jim and Dorothea Lander. 
+  call 1-800-WYCLIFFE, (800-992-5433), and tell the operator that you’re calling to make a donation. Then you can use a credit card. We will pay the fees for that transaction, or you can ask to make an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The operator will tell you how to set that up.
+ Fill out a paper form for an electronic funds transfer, sign it and mail it to Wycliffe at the address above. You’ll find that form at
+  donate online at (credit card or electronic funds transfer).

Apart from money, some people have evidenced remarkable creativity in sharing resources that God has placed in their care. Over the years we’ve been blessed when people have shared homegrown fruits and vegetables, fish, venison and the like, provided access to vacation housing at no cost, included us on their Costco card, lent a bed or car when we’ve been in town or took us shopping to update wardrobes. These represent just a few of our partners’ extraordinary, humbling, and very affirming acts of teamwork.


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